Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Skin care counts! Here's why...

Makeup does not apply over unprepaired, unhydrated skin. Just like an artist has to properly prepare the canvas BEFORE the painter can begin to paint beautiful works of art...same applies with cosmetics. It is exactly the same! Even if you have healthy beautiful skin, it is essential to start with a good skin care regimen to prepare your canvas for the amazing work that we create together.

Whether you have severe dry skin, or blemish prone and oily, I want to help you have more radiant complexion with a healthy glow. This is within everyone's reach. We all have issues we deal with and I help heal the skin, make it smoother and younger looking. Plus if you have issues like rosacea (redness on the cheeks and nose), uneven skin tone (appear blotchy), scars, mask of pregnancy, birthmarks, whatever the problem is, together we will get you ready for a beautiful wedding day, prom date or other special occasion.

Makeup is the medium of an artist, and your face is the delicate canvas on which I paint my masterpiece. Proper skin care is essential for the makeup to sit correctly. I look forward to demonstrating this with you soon. Call me so we can get together!

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