Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Making makeup last through hot weather

With the excessive heat temperatures, the main concern is "HOW DO I KEEP MY MAKEUP ON!?"

First it is essential for you to control the oil on the skin, because oil breaks down the makeup. Even if you have dry skin, you still need proper hydration without adding anything that would increase your oil secretion. If you have severely oily skin, there are skin care products and supplements designed to help remove and keep oil off the skin for up an additional 8-12 hrs and still allow your skin to feel hydrated. Naturally, keeping control of your skin is made more easy by using a properly designed skin care plan daily over time.

Once steps have been taken to control the oil, it is imperative to set "The Look" with a finishing powder to not only blend but to allow it to help set. Without a finishing powder, "The Look" does not appear polished or blended and will not photograph well - but most importantly, a lot of finish powders are designed to help absorb the oil, so this brings us back to the first point which is: On hot days, you must take steps to control oil on your skin. By properly controling the oil and using a good finishing powder, you will ensure that your look will last throughout the day.

Brides and prom goers, I always suggest a pre-consult so we can show you the products and it feels and looks after applied. Experiencing the products against your skin is always best. Plus who wants to feel like they are wearing a lot...NOT ME! But if you choose the right combination of products, your skin will look and feel refreshed and the glamor will be gorgeous!

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